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Lisa VanMeter

Lisa's interest in printmaking started when she was a child watching her grandfather; she admired his paintings, woodcuts, and engravings. The relief prints especially caught her eye. Reducing an intricate image into pieces of color fascinated her.

Lisa specializes in color-reduction block printing, a method that creates an image from one block by a process of elimination. The block is reduced with each carving, and the entire edition is printed each time. Because colors will print over each other, Lisa works from light to dark.

Lisa has a BSED in Education and learned her craft at the Indianapolis Art Center, where she was co-director of the 67th Street Printmakers. Lisa lives with her two children and her dog, Scout, in Indianapolis. She has shown her prints with the INA at Newfields, the Hoosier Salon at the Indiana State Museum, the Indiana Arts at the Indiana State Fair, the Brown County Art Gallery, and the JCC Indianapolis. She sells her original pieces and reprints at the Art In Hand Gallery in Zionsville, IN, and The Harrison Center for the Arts in Indianapolis.

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